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Daniel Luo, one  of the students at the CNY Chinese School, had won all four of his games in 18-21 kyu division of the North American Kyu Championship,  Congratulations, Daniel!

We spent the remain donation on purchasing 30 Oxygen Generators and sent them to 11 hospitals of Hubei Province. Update on 3/5/2020

The first batch of donation supplies, the 28,000 nitrile exam gloves, have been packaged and mailed to Wuhan. Update on 2/14/2020

We learned from the communication with hospitals in Wuhan that the coronavirus is straining medical supply in China. Hence, we decided (the decision was approved by the majority of the board members and all donors as of 2/6/2020) to purchase medical supplies and ship them to the designated hospitals in Wuhan.Here are some clarifications on the change:

  1. CNYCS Board will purchase medical supplies on behalf of donors and ship them to New York City; there is free shipment from NYC to the hospitals in China;
  2. For now, the medical supplies will be sent to one of the designated hospital, Tongji Hospital Affiliated with Tongji Medical College of HUST (Huazhong University of Science & Technology); once more hospitals’ information are confirmed, we will consider donating supplies to them as well; the rest of the donation will be sent to the designated hospital(s) as monetary donation;
  3. Donation made after the publication of this notice will be used for purchasing medical supplies and the remaining donation will be sent to the designated hospital(s) as monetary donation;
  4. Extend Fundraising for Coronavirus Disaster Relief to 3/9/2020 (originally ended on 2/7/2020).

Here are the ways you can make a donation.

  1. Donate via PayPal: cnychinese@gmail.com. Please mark “For Wuhan”.
  2. Check Donation: Please make checks payable to “CNY Chinese School”, mail checks to “CNY Chinese School, P.O box 83, Manlius, NY, 13104”. Please mark “For Wuhan”.

CNYCS will publish donation amounts, and update donors with detailed purchasing/shipment information. Please let us know if you prefer to not use your real name.

Your kindness and support for Wuhan is very much appreciated!Thank you for your trust on CNYCS!